HOW BOUT THOSE GIANTS, I DON’T THINK YOU GUYS HEARD ME… I SAID HOW BOUT THOSE GIANTS. AHAA AHHAAAAAA! So I  know Baby ain’t gone do that no more and doubt NEW YORK. So it was a spectacular game and I was so glad to just rub it back into peoples faces. Oh yea i got a lot of nasty calls and texts before the game started on how the Petriots excuse me Patriots was going to just kill “em and i should get ready to just throw myself in front of the bus. Well Well Well look at me now I’m getting papeeerrrr lol. So this is for everyone who doubted my Giants and talked all that bullying bullshit. Eli took his Mandingo out and smacked them dizzy with it in the 4th quarter and they just couldn’t shake it off aha ha lol. Oh you know that was funny. 2times for ya mind. I don’t care what they say I’m always proud to be from New York and not upstate I’m form New York City South Bronx start raised and Borough hopped form there. I’m so proud Giants. My baby #44 Ahmad Bradshaw and my mistress Victor Cruz..YUUUMMM. OK I’m done for now and i lost my voice behind this Victory, yet it was so worth it


So How About Those GIANTS

Ok as a New Yorker I’ve seen other posts and blogs about teams that are not in the Superbowl hmmm i say. I’m just proud that we are going to have a repeat of a Superbowl that should go in the favor of the right team(Giants of course). Maybe if i was born in the state itself and not the city i might feel differently, maybe ok probably not. Seriously, i ‘m looking at how political sports has gotten. Referees seem like they need drug screens and lie detector tests. Owners and managers that want to be head coaches as well as defense and offense coaches. Commentators that should stick to their game speech and others that should atleast get the dictionary and figure it out. Ok obviously I’m a heavy sports fan so I’m going to end it here. Just saying