Check out Billionaire Bruce oh yes featuring my homey Lincoln Parks and not the rock rap group. Put your ears to da street and tell me what you think. I’m going to download some of his music to my page; you know so you can have a musical appetizer while you look at my stuff


Recycled Epidemic of Racism

Ignorance can be categorized as an under statement when it comes to Racism. This is a curable yet very contagious disease that gets passed on from generation to generation. This disease requires no medical attention or medicine; can be easily fixed with an open mind and love in your heart. May sound lame yet if other diseases were this simply cured we would have less Institutionalized minds and less Physical Zombies. Just some food for thought for the hungry.

Hello world!

As an artist to another artist; it can be expensive trying to fund your menu of creativity. So I ‘m blogging this in minimum desperation for a way to reach out to artists for tips and shortcuts. I want to know is there a way to have lithographs done without selling an organ and 2 limbs? Where are the artists who have arrived and they’re help and contribution to the little guys. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Not even taking in to consideration the way of the economy right now; I’m opening the floor to get any feedback and knowledge of such.